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Angel2 : Poop
Diary entry posted Mon 6:43pm 17 January 2011

Seeing as how I just started this diary and I am on Day 22 post accident there is some catching up to do as far as what my recovery has been like. It would be a shame to leave out the subject of poop.
Pain killers, like dalodin and percocet, make it difficult/impossible to poop.
The last normal poop I had was the day of the accident in the hotel room before going to the bike park. I then went a solid week without pooping. And when I did go it was traumatic. Not traumatic in the same way as the break, different type of trauma. But on the same scale.
The child I gave birth to 14 years ago came out easier than what was trying to come out of my body. I had to use an enima and was on the comode for almost 2 hours.
And that was not the only episode. Same situation happened again, only the next time it was worse and it took 2 enima's.
I now take stool softners every day and I am down to the percocet at night only.
Things have gotten easier, but not normal yet.
Really, isn't it bad enough that breaking a leg imobolizes you for weeks, in my case months. Why add the pain, discomfort and humiliation of constipation? And not just simple constipation either. This is life changing constipation.
I hope anyone reading this can either relate or at least laugh so that maybe me sharing my pain is useful. Even better, I hope that when I look back at this years from now I can laugh!

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 Mon 6:43pm 17 January 2011
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