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Comment : Upside to injury?
Posted by Angel2 on Wed 7:20pm 22 June 2011

Not really. I can't say the drugs, I did not like them and while I was on them I could not drink beer. And I love a good beer.
Bed rest is not my thing.
You can only watch so much TV. I did however watch an amazing documentary called 180 South that I highly recommend. And The Edge of Never is great if you have not already seen it.
The 10lbs I gained sucked, but I have at least lost 2.5 of that since I am FWB without cast and can ride again. I think I just lost muscle the first 4 months, so I gained no weight. Then this last 2 months the weight came on without warning.
I guess if I had to really think of an upside it would be a better appreciation of the things I could and would do. Like when I was on my bike Tuesday. I never really listened to the wind as well as I did Tuesday. I know I heard it before, but I never listened.
That probably sounds corny, but I am pretty corny. And know when I think about that just listening to the wind like I never did before is an upside :)
Thanks for making me think about it.

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 Wed 7:20pm 22 June 2011
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