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Angel2 : On the DIRT
Diary entry posted Wed 7:29pm 22 June 2011


OK, so the C&O is not hardcore. But it was for me. My goal is to ride a bit more evey time. Sunday was 2 miles on black top. Tuesday 5+ miles on the C&O. Tomorrow will be 10 miles. I am happy to report that the only pain was in my nether regions, but for those reading this that have riden a bike for the first time in a while you will get that. It takes some "breaking in" of those muscles.
Some friends have suggested I switch to road biking HAHAAAAHHAAAAAA um no. I really have no deire for black top hell.
So step 1, ride the tires off that awesome bike. On flat dirt.
Step 2, be back on 3rd Battle of Winchester this fall- very easy beginner single track.
Step 3- back on Schaffers Farm by the spring, bit more heavy than 3rd Battle.
Step 4- be running again by Summer 2012. I am giving myself a long time before blacktop impact on the leg. If I can do the Cheat Fest 5K in May 2012 i will be elated.
It is so great to make an entry that revolves around what i will be doing and not the present situation.
I was going to get on some easy whitewater tommorrow, but the Potomac is 2 ft above what i would run it, so biking it is!

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 Wed 7:29pm 22 June 2011
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