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Angel2 : What you take for granted
Diary entry posted Tue 10:34am 18 January 2011

Walking, that is a big one. I dream about walking. I have nightmares that I need to get somewhere quick and I am running and all of a sudden in my dream I remeber that my leg is broken and I can't run and I fall down in pain because I rebroke my leg.
Getting a glass of water. It is impossible when using a walker or crutches. And I HATE asking. So if I am thirsty I usually wait until my husband asks me if I need anything and then I feel like a tool asking him to get me water.
Being outside. I have been out of this house a total of 6 times since the accident. My biggest day was when I got my cast last Friday and I got to go to Walmart and ride one of the electric carts. But what I mean is being OUTSIDE. I cannot play fetch with my dogs in the backyard. I cannot go to my office. I cannot ride my bike :( I cannot run with my dog Rogue :( These last two being my favorite things.
Making meals for my family.
Cleaning my house. My husband has been great, no THE BEST at taking care of me. But he and I clean the house "differently". I see dust, but I do not dare ask him to clean it. It will be there when I get better. I am opposed to clutter, like staking mail. He does not mind. So I am in his world now when it comes to home appearance and I cannot wait to be able to clean again!
There is so much more I know, but these are what are on my mind right now.

I really appreciate the well wishes. And I hope for a speedy recovery for all the fellow site users.

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 Tue 10:34am 18 January 2011
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