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Angela : Nurses make the worst patients!
Diary entry posted Tue 12:31pm 6 September 2005

I was leaving work from a 12hr night shift on 8/24/05, wearing my beloved clogs and as soon as I stepped on the gravel drive in front of the hospital, I fell. I heard the "snap" and then hit the ground. I realized that I couldn't get up and my ankle was quite deformed. Some doctors coming on shift rushed me to the ED and yadda yadda yadda, I had surgery for my tib-fib, trimalleolar whatever dislocation. I had staples out on 9/1/05. I complained that my toes were still all numb and I was having strange shooting pains in my thigh down to my calf but they blew it off. So days later, my knee is numb down to my outer calf, toes are numb still, my inner thigh down to my calf is numb, and if I rub my thigh to relieve the pain, I get the worst buring shooting pains. I had a popliteal/femoral nerve block, no general anesthesia. So, as a nurse, I am thinking it is something nerve related. I call Anesthesia who said they would try to get me a clinic appt for Tuesday (today) but no one has called. Of course I called during a weekend, holiday at that.
I have never had this much pain in my life. I had 2 open heart surgeries as a child, so I am no stranger to pain, hospitals, etc. I watched my wisdom teeth extracted with no pain meds afterwards except Motrin. I am a trauma ICU nurse. But this has turned me into the biggest baby. I have cried and had my pity parties, and I resent everyone telling me "it could be worse". I never tell MY patients that. "I know you had a car accident and broke your neck, but it could be worse, you could be like those poor people in New Orleans". That is what I have had to watch on TV since my fall.
I know all this will pass and I will get better etc, but as for now, I am tired of defending my pain to everyone! I ran out of pain meds and called the ortho MD for a refill and he was very patronizing, as if 10 days later I shouldn't possibly be hurting any longer! I reminded him that my antibiotics were extended due to the REDNESS and SWELLING and that yes, I have been elevating my leg, I have been on my back with my leg in the air for the last 2 weeks! So he promised he would call in something. Great. When my dad went to Rx to get it, there was nothing there. Imagine that, 8 hrs later and no meds for me. So I just take Benadryl so I can sleep. I wake up this am and now I have some "thing" trying to come thru what used to look like an ankle. It is blanching my skin, could it be a screw? Do I have a freaking screw loose? Is it a piece of bone? Wonderful. So I call the MD for the umteeth time. "Why don't you come in Thurs., it could be a screw, sometimes they get loose and back out". HUH? They back out?
At least I am going to get Worker's Comp for this bc it happened on hospital property. When I asked the MD to fill out my paperwork, stating what kind of injury I had. He, standing right in front of me, put it was my LEFT foot. I kindly gave it back to him and asked him if he would say it was my RIGHT foot (since it was). I was like, oh great, now I know how the wrong kidney gets taken out. The wrong limb gets amputated. But seeing as how he had just examined it and taken the staples out, I figured he knew right from left. He got in to Med school afterall.
So have anyone of you had this RSD? That is what anesthesia thought I was describing. We shall see Thursday. Hopefully ortho will call them as a consult.
Any suggestions as how to deal with all this besides chocolate, percocet, and internet?

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 Tue 12:31pm 6 September 2005
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