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Comment : Re: Saw Anesthesia/Pain MD today
Posted by Maryanne on Thu 3:23pm 15 September 2005

I wanted to comment to the comment you made, Angela, about the BL causing divorce. It sure can cause stress in a relationship. Guess there are different personalities and some don't respond as well to others dependency. I am finding my husband gets irritated by the amount of responsibilities he does now and does get 'tired' of my asking for this and that. I do try and group my requests so as to not ask too often. I try too to do things myself, but we all know there are limitations to what a person with a NWB cast & crutches can do! hope you do well with the EMG study. The burning pain. I have had some burning discomfort at times, I fear skin breakdown and blistering ... so I do try and repositioin often so I don't have any pressure areas that get too much time being rested on.

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 Thu 3:23pm 15 September 2005
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