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Comment : Re: I`ve read all your posts ...
Posted by Lisa_MM on Wed 6:57pm 18 December 2013

Hi Angie,

I've just now caught up on all of your posts.

A year before I broke my fib, my little niece in Boston broke her collar bone. My boys flew to Boston for Thanksgiving a few days before I did; I arrived that morning. My older son called from me from my brother's house (I was at my parents') and said, "I think I broke my collar bone."

He was playing football, on the trampoline, with his younger brother and tackled him. They broke through the net and smashed to the ground.

When we went to the ER that night, the nurse who saw us walk in said, "let me guess, football." I just laughed. Football, Thanksgiving, Massachusetts. She says they get several injuries every year.

Your ordeal sounds dreadful. Mine is just routine and boring. It is not fun to rely on a 16-yr old for driving but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude, remembering that my situation could have been whole lot worse.

I wish you continued recovery. I wish several of us lived closer - we could have a mybrokenleg-night-in. Think of the fun we could have with crutches and walkers :)

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 Wed 6:57pm 18 December 2013
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