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Angie_B2 : When someone says they've never done that before, RUN!
Diary entry posted Wed 1:08pm 4 December 2013

I learnt a valuable life lesson today. When a medical professional looks at your BL and says oooooh I've not done this before, DON'T assume they're joking, don't stop to pass go, don't even bother grabbing your coat, just RUN!

So, staples out and I have to admit, I am sooooo glad that my son came with me because I don't think anyone would have believed me, I didn't even believe me so I was so thankful I had him there to testify to my sanity.

The nurse started off saying she'd never done it before. I thought she was joking. Then she picked up the staple removal tool that the hospital had given me to take with me to my appointment and she couldn't fathom it so my son had to read the instructions on the packaging and explain it to her. Then she spent 20 minutes trying to yank one staple out. I was literally screaming in agony. She finally broke the staple and left half of it poking out my leg and that just the first one.

She then dropped the tool, stood on it, picked it up and tried staple number 2. She broke that too so she called in a colleague. The colleague was appalled at the blood and the broken staples and the gashes she was creating so she took over. She got half way through and, as mentioned on here, there was no pain and it was just like plucking eyebrows, a walk in the park as it should have been, instructing the first nurse as she went and then the first one took over and did it all wrong again.

To cut a one hour 20 minute appointment saga short, where the colleague took them out it looks fine, neat, tidy and it didn't hurt. Where the first one 'practiced' on me, it's bleeding, raw and really painful. In between leaning on the remaining staples for leverage (ouch) and yanking the things instead of bending them to get them out, she also kept dropping the tool. She then put a series of 8 small dressings on it, sticky bits across the bleeding bits etc and then didn't know how to use the computer to access my notes. Her colleague quickly took the dressings back off before they had chance to stick, cleaned the wounds, dressed it properly and then escorted me and me my son out whilst babbling apologies. I left both crying and laughing all at the same time. It was only meant to take 10 minutes.

My son actually got his phone out and videos the entire episode because it was like something out of a medical comedy! Scubs re-run or what!

But, all done now thankfully LOL

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 Wed 1:08pm 4 December 2013
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