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Anita : Skiing skiing fun fun fun........my story
Diary entry posted Wed 6:24pm 10 April 2002

When I was in grade three I won an award for this poem. Who knew it would come back to haunt me.

Skiing skiing fun fun fun
Skiing skiing down hill run
I like seeing people doing jumps
I hope they never hit the bumps

Here we go......

My first vacation at Christmas, my dauhters family and I rented a few Condos at our local Ski Resort. It was going to be a blast. I had arranged that I would ski boxing day and christmas day we would just tobogan. Well as soon as we got the hill and I saw the sun shinning off the snow I got bit by the bug. I couldnt wait. Now remember I had skiied for 27years (Im 30) I have my own equipment, but I thought it would be fun to try the new "SHAPE" skis....so I rented.......First run not even half way down, I started to falled...(carved a moguel a litte to hard and to quick)....I heard the snap crunch before I even hit the ground. I called for ski patrol, in the mean time my daughter's Aunties and cousins found me. I was in shock so I was rather come and told them I was fine and to go on there way. I didnt want to ruin there Christmas Day. (I didnt think they would take it literally) So patorls arrive and of course I knew them....yes that embarrassing. They took me to first aide hut and realized right away that an Ambulance was needed. The paramedics arrived.....guess what I knew them too..Embarrassed again. They tried to give me gas for the pain, but it sent me into an Asthma attack. So I had to endure the bumpy ride down the mountain au'natural...(Mark did a great job keeping the ambulance steady) (God I love him for that) Finally made it to the hospital, waited several hours before they could get me for xrays. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! did that ever hurt. I screamed top of my lungs...I kid you not. In walks this nice looking man in a ski jacket. "Hi, Im the OS I wont be able to do your surgery till tomorrow." Then he left. SURGERY. By this time I really lost it. I didnt want to call anyone and disrupt there Christmas. Yet my daughter was still on the hill with her family. I finally got a morphine drip (thank god) The ski resort had notified my family, they trickled in but I was to out of it to notice. My brother went to the Hill the next day and let my Exs family in on it. (They could of atleast come looking for me.....RUDE!)
Turns out I didnt get surgery till three days later. I spent 8 days in Hospital with miserable nurses. My first IV became infected, my second one blew up in my arm.....nice. Fianlly New Years Day I went Home sweet home. I had a cast from my upper thigh to my toes. I was in a panic Im a single mom what am I gonna do?! Thank the lord for family and friends....they have been awesome. It was Febuary till I got my first bath. How humbling. My cast came off in 5weeks instead of 8 (rapid healing) (great OS)off I went to PT. It was March before I could start WB. I was working real hard. Half way through March I decided to get on my stationary bike..BIG MISTAKE. I got up on it just put my feet in the stirups when the seat flipped off and I went flying forward than back with my bad leg caught in the stir up. What a crunch...it sounded familar. I called 911...wouldnt you know it! It was my friend Mark again. Went to Hosptial, it was close but I didnt rebreak it. I had alot of internal hemoraging and I pulled the ligaments and tendons. Back to square one. I lost all the range of motion I had gained. Ive been working real hard today is April 10th I CAN DRIVE!!!! I go back to work on Sunday. I still have poor ROM and cant walk, but I can drive. This site is amazing. Thank you to everyone for all your support. I urge you all to make the donation to keep this site going.

Love to all
pedal to the medal ANITA

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 Wed 6:24pm 10 April 2002
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