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Anita : OS questions June 7/02
Diary entry posted Thu 11:57pm 6 June 2002

Qustions for my Os on my visit June 7/2002
1. How long does it on average take to get rom back?

2. What is the expected rom?

3. Why is there still so much swelling?

4. Why is the pain shooting down to my ankle?

5. When should I be walking normally again?

6. Should I still be icing my knee daily?

7. Should I be using a cane?

8. Why is there so much crunching and clicking?

9. How do I know if I have arthritis?

10. Can I be overdoing it?

11. Why does my knee sieze up on me?

12. Somedays I can barely walk at all why is that?

13. What alternatives to PT are there?

14. What is manipulation?

15. Would that help me?

16. Am I behind on my recovery?

17. I can't kneel down is this something to be concerned about?

18. I have chronic pain since my last visit

19. My leg often daily swells right over my sock

20. I am getting real bad lower back pain

21. How many ACL are there and what did I tear off

22. Exactly what did I do to my knee?

23. Is the poor ROM because of being in cast or because of injury?

24. The hardware in my knee is it a screw or an internal fixature?

25. Will my hardware ever come out or need to be replaced?

26. Did I do a Medial Tibial Plateau Break?

27. I often get bulging under my knee is this normal?

28. Would soaking in the hot mineral pools help?

29. I feel I have made minimal progression since I last saw you

30. The only thing I think I have gained is a lot of pain

31. There is tremendous amounts of pain on the inside of my knee, why is that?

32. There is also a lot of pain in my ankle, what is causing that?

33. Should I be concerned with my lack of progress?

34. Not only does my leg and swell but my foot too. Is this normal?

35. Is it true that smoking can prolong my injury?

36. Do you think I went back to work too soon?

37. I have talked to many people with similar injurys to mine on a website and some of them its been well over a year?
this frightens me.

38. I am feeling very discouraged. My doctor thinks Im suffering from Post Traumatic Depression and has put me
on Effexor is this normal? How long does it usually last?

39. Is there any medication I can take for the swelling?

40. Is there a chance I will need another surgery?

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 Thu 11:57pm 6 June 2002
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