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Anita : Back from seeing my OS
Diary entry posted Fri 9:48pm 7 June 2002

Okay first of all I want to say thank you for all your help and personal posts and emails. Greatly appreciated. Second of all I want to say that my OS is a GREAT surgeon...............thats all!!!!!!!!!!

The man still has not physically touched my leg since my cast came off in January. He basically said my visit was a waste of his time (not quite in those words) He was not happy to see my list. He says that after a tibal plateau break you should be fully normal in 3-6 months, He told me my accident was very sincere and when the brought me to the ER my knee had pulled right out of my socket. He thinks a manipulation is not for me. He does not think that I can over do it with my exercises. He told me to get rid of the cane and crutches. He thinks they make you lazy. He spent most of his time trying to back out the door as to say GET OUT. He says my horrible swelling over my knee was proberly due to a non serious blood cot and that theres nothing I can do for it. He says I need to learn to BUCK UP and endure the pain. He says my knee is stable but the screw will never come out unless it starts to work his way out which he didnt want to get into. Yes i pulled of the acl (actually i also broke the bone out where it was attached) wasnt to happy to tell me that. Said "Anita ive told you this over 5x atleast" Yes I had a medial tibal plateau break. Arthritis I will get but proberly not till Im "OLD" (haha). He says it LOOKS (cause hes never touched our measured) like you only have 10 more degrees to go for straightening.

My summery..........................Waste of half hour car ride.
I will not seek second opinion as hes number one.
I will go see my GP and try and get some answers.
I will send a Sorry your having a bad day card to my OS
I will also order 200 pizzas to his office
I will phone him at home and say "what did I do to my knee again"
I will make an appointment with him once a month
I will make my list of questions longer each time
I will ask him first off what hes like on a bad day
I will phone him once a week asking for a return phone call (heehee) (maybe ill ask him how many oz in a cup)

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 Fri 9:48pm 7 June 2002
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