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Anita : Adriennes funny repy to
Diary entry posted Fri 9:52pm 7 June 2002

The following is supplied for mostly amusement factor

Anita wrote:

> The man still has not physically touched my leg since my cast
> came off in January. He basically said my visit was a waste
> of his time (not quite in those words)

Ah a positive people person... always a plus for an OS

>He was not happy to see my list.

God forbid you ask a question. Next time go in with a scroll and unroll it!

>He does not think that I can over do it with
> my exercises.

Hmmm? Sounds like he's calling you lazy. hehe

>He told me to get rid of the cane and
> crutches. He thinks they make you lazy.

I have a perfect place where you can put them too, if you get what I mean? I hope he has hemmorhoidal creme.

>He spent most of
> his time trying to back out the door as to say GET OUT.

They all do. It's amazing that they don't trip and end up with a break themselves. In the words of one of my all time favorite movies, "Quid pro quo, clarice" HA! Maybe there is a special training they go through that teaches them how to back out the door. A two day seminar. And they always do that when you ask questions. Until them they're fine, but the minute a question comes up they start backing out the door.

>He says I need to learn to BUCK UP and endure the pain.

Hmmm? How about we all break his tib and see how he likes the pain? Okay, so part of the two day seminar also included a special class called, "How to eliminate sympathy, empathy, and compassion from you life forever."

> He says my knee is stable but the screw will never come out
> unless it starts to work his way out which he didnt want to
> get into.

Of course not... that would mean more questions

>He says it LOOKS (cause
> hes never touched our measured)

So he's not a hands on doc unless he's in the OR getting a few grand. Good to know!

> I will not seek second opinion as hes number one.

He must have drugged you because he doesn't seem number one to me... well, if he made you feel better, then that's good.

> I will go see my GP and try and get some answers.

Because the OS who makes a half a million a year didn't answer them all

> I will send a Sorry your having a bad day card to my OS

put a few of my comments in it... and ship card with the following books:
1. how to win friends and influence people
2. a bad day is a good hat day
3. any buddah/zen book that teaches compassion
4. a lollipop

> I will also order 200 pizzas to his office

Nix this one

> I will phone him at home and say "what did I do to my knee
> again"

YES YES YES, then request a referral to a neurosurgeon. LMAO

> I will make an appointment with him once a month

YES YES YES and bring in the same list of questions!!!!

> I will make my list of questions longer each time

even better

> I will ask him first off what hes like on a bad day

Ask him if he believes that any human can have a bad day every day or if it's only OS'

> I will phone him once a week asking for a return phone call

And always ask the question he already answered 5x!

hope I made ya laugh! You sure made me laugh. Glad you're feeling better.


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 Fri 9:52pm 7 June 2002
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