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Anna : Helping out a mate!
Diary entry posted Wed 2:46pm 12 November 2003

My name's Anna and I’m 19years old from the UK. On the 1st October 2003 I was at home with my boyfriend, John, when a good friend of ours, Mark, phoned to say he had lost control of his car on a roundabout near our home and could be come down to tow him home. We got to mark about 15mins later, fixed the towrope to both cars, a 3series BMW and a Renault Clio and I was walking between the 2cars to get in the passenger side when I heard a car skid. I looked up as my friend Mark shouted for me to move, I heard a smash, saw the BMW moving towards me, put my hands out to stop it (I don’t know how I thought I was going to do that!!!) and then watched as my legs got crushed. Fortunately the car bounced straight back off me and John was behind me and caught me before I fell. My instant reaction whilst I was till upright was nothing for about 5 seconds. I didn’t know what to do; I had never been in this situation before. Then I realised my left leg was taking the full weight of my body whilst the right leg was pure jelly. It was not joined together below the knee and I knew it.... then I screamed.....Lots!!!! It was more panic than anything at which point John laid me down in the road. This was problem number two, it was soaking wet and still raining and I was in danger from oncoming traffic. I remember my instant reaction was not pain but worry. My house was only 10 mins from the scene and I was desperate for John NOT to call my parents as I did not want them to see me laying in the middle of a road, cars smashed around me with one leg bending in a way it definitely shouldn't be! Then the shock and the cold struck, I was shaking because of the fore mentioned. I knew the ambulance was on its way and even then I still thought it was probably just bruising. I am so grateful to all the wonderful members of the public that stopped to help me (they included a nurse and two first aiders). I had all their coats on top of me but by this time I was soaked through. Within 10mins 3ambulances and two police cars arrived and the relief on John's face was evident. The medical team was fantastic, they removed my shoe and 1 went to cut my jeans whilst the other didn’t think that was necessary. He put his hand up my trouser leg to which I remarked "Don't worry I shaved my legs earlier!” I had very little pain in my right leg but my left leg (the intact one) was suffering a burning sensation were my knees "banged" together. After some gas and air they moved me on to a stretcher, this was AGONY! From being at home at 8.30pm here I was half an hour later in the back of an ambulance!!! I remember the clock in the ambulance saying it was 2.45, and me thinking that was the time at that I had been laying in the road for hours… fortunately the clock was just not working! I arrived in Casualty where I was placed in “Bay 3”. John hadn’t been allowed to travel with me in the ambulance as the police wanted to get a statement from him. The hospital staff were excellent and as they weren’t busy I had fantastic care. They helped me change my sodden clothes into one of those fetching hospital gowns and then all I could do was wait.

John arrived a short time later and I can honestly say I have never been so relieved to see someone! I was then taken to x-ray, and even then I still thought they would tell me it was just bruised. Before they moved me to x-ray I asked John to phone my parents, something he definitely didn’t want to do. Although he has a great relationship with my parents it’s not easy telling someone their daughter’s been in an accident. Off I went to x-ray which was the most painful experience, I didn’t have any form of support on my leg and had to lay at the most awkward angle ever! Then the news, Miss Hanson, it’s broken. My right tibia had snapped about 3 inches below the knee. As they wheeled me back through casualty I saw my parents, and told them my leg was broken… I don’t think it sunk in! As I lay on the hospital trolley I got the first glimpse of my leg… it was swollen, bruised already and I had a huge dent from the impact. Then came the morphine and I don’t remember much from then onwards! I was told I would have surgery tomorrow to put a corrective pin in my leg and that I should have some food and drink because I would be “nil by mouth” in 2hours time. Off went john to the 24 hour garage! Then they put a back slab on my leg so it did not move through the night…. This was Agony. I bit through the gas and air tube as my leg was held by 1 nurse as another plastered the back of my leg and bandaged the top. It was the worst experience of my life.

After that I was asleep until the next morning and I woke on an upstairs ward. The consultant came to see me whilst my mum was there to explain the procedure. They were now not going to put a pin in my leg but manipulate it back into place and plaster it, however they were going to put me under a GA to ensure I was pain free… thank GOD! Again the day became a blur, more morphine, no food or water and a very painful move from one bed to another as I moved wards. I woke after the op to discover a toe to hip plaster and a 4month wait for it to be removed! I still hadn’t realised what this was going to involve.

The next day I was shown my crutches. It was hell, I had just “come to” from the GA, was on painkillers up to my eyeballs and I hadn’t stood upright since the accident but they wanted me to walk up a flight of stairs before I could go home! But I was desperate to go home so I was determined to do it! I have never been on crutches before which wasn’t a good start. I nearly fainted after 4 or 5 steps because I was so out of it. I made it to the stairs and through sheer determination I hobbled up the stairs and back down again. I was exhausted afterwards but they said that was good enough and that they were going to discharge me, Wahoo!!!!

Problem number one: dad has a sporty Mercedes, I just about squeezed into the front seat, and I mean just! At this point we realised the heel of my cast was not dry, infact it was soaking wet! The car journey was awful, very painful and awkward.

Problem number two: to get in the front door I had to step over the door frame… they didn’t show me this hospital!!! Eventually I had to be carried over!

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 Wed 2:46pm 12 November 2003
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