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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Positive thinking
Posted by Anna on Mon 4:33pm 17 November 2003

Just read your diary and realise you don't have kids!sorry bout that! I was on the John Day ward(orthopedics) for most of my stay but I do recall a brief encounter with the Mercer ward due to lack of beds (what a suprise!!). I also recall waking on the mercer ward to lots of middle aged women holding their own urine bags and comparing notes on who had "produced" the most...nice!On the subject of babies a very elderly man called Harry on the John Day ward, who incidently thought he was there to see the trains(?!) asked me if I had just had a baby and was that why i was on crutches. The nurse laughed but I wanted to cry! like you the lovely elderly patients loved to moan all night and made some very strange noises that I have not been able forget!Lillian (we became great pals!) was convinced Dad was the doctor and proceeded to shout at him for ignoring her... we drew the curtains after that!

I have been banned from internet shopping, Mum even took the credit card off me but I have been on two shopping expeditions and spent copious amounts of money! Not bad for a student on sick pay eh?! Which school did you go to In maidstone?where do your parents' live?

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 Mon 4:33pm 17 November 2003
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