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Comment : Positive thinking
Posted by Catherine on Mon 3:15pm 17 November 2003

Well done Anna for seeing the positive side.. I have another 4 weeks to go in plaster after a broken fib (although I had an op).

I'm 28 and married now so my social life is different from when I was 19 - it's a bit more 'couples having a nice meal' at eachother's houses than clubbing til 6am every Saturday night - although I still do the clubbing thing occasionally.

I've got myself a wheelchair from the Red Cross - not sure how useful it would be with a full leg cast but it's something to consider if you've got some willing volunteers to push you. I just called them (number in Yellow Pages or online) - they lend it out for free and we just paid a deposit of 15 pounds. I get on with the crutches but it's impossible over long distances. I've been out loads more with my wheelchair - even shopping and out to a bar for the evening. Getting drunk is easier if you don't have to worry about falling over on your crutches....!

Anyway, enjoy your enforced rest and relaxation. There'll be few times in your life when you really have precisely nothing to do.

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 Mon 3:15pm 17 November 2003
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