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Comment : Re: Positive thinking
Posted by Anna on Mon 4:13pm 17 November 2003

I'm lucky enough to have fantastic parents' who were on to the Red cross as soon as they saw my wobbly attempts on my crutches! They have specially adapted chairs that have a sticking out bit for your leg. The Red cross have been truly fantastic and I am hoping to do some voluntary work for them when Im fixed. It's just a shame I had to experience their good work under these circumstances! I don't know how you feel but I found it quite nervy being pushed in a chair, especially as my leg sticks out, and despite it being bright pink fibreglass people still dont see it!However its definately been worth having, particularly for the Bluewater shopping trips!!!i have never shopped in such comfort!

How did you get on sleeping wise? My mum contacted our local NHS supplies place from which we borrowed a mattress, cushion and bedpan(dont you just love 'em!) but apparently Im not needy of a wheelchair, bloody cheek!! My lovely boyfriends mum is a carer in the community and had borrowed a shower stall for me which is a fantastic invention.

Its suprising how much pressure the nursing staff in hospitals are under, something I didn't realise til my stay in Maidstone General but I must say they did discharge me pretty quick (my cast was still wet underneath it was that quick!). Im finding things easier now but the first two weeks were awful! the drugs meant i didn't know what was going on and I felt really isolated. The wheelchair has been a Godsend as my life has taken some form of normality now.

i haven't been drunk incharge of crutches yet but Im gradually introducing myself back to a few glasses of wine on a saturday night! my friends have been great and have all helped me to stay strong and relatively happy through the healing process. I just cant wait to wake up on a saturdy morning, get in my car and go shopping!

Where about's are you from? You should be fixed in time for xmas then? I have made a whole load of "I owe you" vouchers for the family to cash in when Im better, i really dont want to worry myself with xmas shopping but i suppose you will have to with kids?

Hope the next four weeks treat you well! keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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 Mon 4:13pm 17 November 2003
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