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Anna_S : Tales of a Broke, Bored, Butch
Diary entry posted Tue 4:44pm 26 January 2010

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Last week on 1/20/10, I slipped on the ice in a parking lot that had not been properly sanded/salted. I had taken a step or two from my car, on my way to meet a friend for dinner, flew up into the air and onto my leg and back. As I landed I heard a sickening snap. As I caught my breath, I realized that I couldn't move parts of my leg and I was in throbbing, warm/wetfeeling, agony.

In that moment I was glad that my leg had taken most of the impact and not my back. I was only a couple of months post op for some back surgery (lamenectomy and discectomy sp?). My back was sore, by my leg was the problem child that evening.

A man had seen me slip and came to see if I was ok. He stood watch(to prevent cars from running me over) while I called the friend that I was supposed to be meeting for dinner. My friend came to my rescue and drove me to the ER.

At the ER, I hoped and hoped that I'd learn that I "just" had a bad sprain. I learned very quickly that I had snapped my right fibula. The ER doc splinted me up, and gave me the contact information of the ortho on-call.

I made an appointment first thing the next morning. The on-call was in the OR, so her PA gave me an aircast and scheduled me for early in the next week. However, she made it clear that I would be non-weight baring (NWB) and that I could not travel or drive for at least 6 week.

I travel for work, so this was a big blow. In fact, I had a trip planned to canada for the next week. As well as a personal trip scheduled the next day. All canceled.

And so my journey begins.

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 Tue 4:44pm 26 January 2010
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