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Comment : Time moves slowly
Posted by Lyssa on Fri 1:14pm 8 July 2005


I am with you on that sister! Pain in the slow drawn out manner of a BL is no fun. But, you are correct that time heals. I look forward at my healing and it feels like the whole process is moving really slowly. I look backwards at where I have been and the 7 weeks have sort of flown by. It is all in the perspective, I guess. Of course, our perspective hurts. :o))

I found that Advil helped with my pain, unless I forgot to eat, then I got a stomachache. Also, I took a massager to my back when I was stuck in bed and that helped too. Probably the best pain relief that I got came from getting books on tape from the library and listening to them, they took me away from my life for a while.

Take care,

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 Fri 1:14pm 8 July 2005
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