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Comment : Re: Gorgeous Gown!!!
Posted by Annette on Wed 5:56am 15 December 2004

My veil is less than fingertip length-whatever you call that and has thin satin trim around the edges. I also have a "tiara" that combs into the veil-really really pretty.

The OS asked me when I wanted to go back to work and I kind of jokingly said not til after Christmas break, so he cleared me for January 3rd. Forget that! So I had his biller lady add a note that snow and ice need to be kept clear from around my bus. My employers, of course, can't guarentee that so I don't have to go back to work AND the comp company can't give me any grief. Kind of a complicated story.

Started a new excercise at PT yesterday-standing on the bad foot and trying to maintain balance for 30 seconds/5 reps. FRIGGIN' OOOOWWWWW!! Ankle hurt a lot last night. It's so bizarrre how many things a few FX's can mess up. Now I have to retrain my brain to send signals to my muscles so I can balance on one foot (exactly why I had the lady add the note about snow and ice-can't high step through deep snow).

I'm not sure what the temp was yesterday, but it was seriously cold! I had the doc renew my handicapper permit after walking oh-so-slowly through the parking lot to get into the hospital and to his office. My first permit expired last Friday and the last 4 days were a drag without it. Stupid freezing cold, snow, ice and rain.

Sounds like you need to take a seriously long and luxurious bath once you get your bathroom done. Lots of candles to add to serene R&R!

Have a great day!


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 Wed 5:56am 15 December 2004
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