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Comment : Hey Annette - Lose the cast soon?
Posted by Diana_W on Thu 7:28am 23 September 2004


I posted a note on my diary for you and figured I should say hi on your diary. I'm glad the aloe worked. Lose the fish scales.

The flabby leg will take some time, according to my PT. She said that the muscles begin to atrophy within 3 days of casting but can takes months to build up again. That's why she pushed me to do toe lifts yesterday, to build up the calf.

Sounds like you finally will lose your cast next week? Then the walking cast and boot? Or just another cast with something on the bottom? If you get the boot, you'll find that the boot it's much better, but it takes some getting used to. Now that my ankle isn't as swollen, it's more comfortable. And now OS wants me to lose the boot! Maybe next week.

I'm going to order crutches today and get rid of the walker. As I said on my diary, I tried the cane with the boot, but I was way too wobbly and almost fell. Ended up hopping around instead of using a walking gain. Guess the cane comes later.

Hang in there! Hope the cast is gone soon.


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 Thu 7:28am 23 September 2004
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