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Comment : Kauai Report
Posted by Diane_M on Sun 11:48am 17 October 2004

Hi Annette -

I'm still checking out MBL.com from my vacation "paradise". Actually, it is very beautiful here and I am watching the surf as I type. My husband is taking one dive class after another, so I am here in the condo reading, watching movies, and surfing the Web. I tried to find some outside activity that I could do without being able to walk or get my foot in the water, but have not been lucky. We took a very nice drive yesterday and went to the movies last night (saw Ladder 49).

The weather has been mostly beautiful, although we've had some hellatious downpours (got 5" of rain in 6 hours on Friday). Of course it is warm rain - I don't think the temperature has been below 80 degrees. One word of advice. If you are fortunate enough to take a trip out here someday (when you are healed, of course), bring bug spray - my legs have at least 2 dozen mosquito bites. I don't have the self-control to not scratch them! I've got Benadryl cream, but it doesn't seem to help at all. I think I scratch a lot in my sleep, because my bites get big!!

My walking boot and crutches are definitely a conversation piece here. I keep getting asked if it happened here in Kauai. My actual story of how I broke my ankle is pretty lame, but I can think of some good fake ones to use..... shark bite, giant wave, surfing accident, etc.... I probably won't use one, but tripping into a ditch in the dark is just lame. Apparently I can't walk and talk in the dark at the same time :-)

Take care - I hope you get some great news at your next appointment!


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 Sun 11:48am 17 October 2004
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