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Comment : Remove the Bath Doors
Posted by Diana_W on Thu 7:21am 21 October 2004


You might want to have someone lift out the doors from the bathtub so you can more easily get into that wonderful bath. Normally, the doors are on hinges and a quick lift will get them out. Then you can transfer to the tub much more readily. It's probably safer too not to have a big slab of glass beside you.

Good to hear you're luxuriating in the bath. Water on the foot feets so good. I can't wait to get these darn stitches out next Monday so I can get my foot wet again. I'm thinking of getting one of those foot water massage thingies where you plop your foot in a water bucket that swirls.

You're sleeping with Darth Vadar? Do you have to because I know how uncomfortable that can be? I did it for the first two nights and finally called my OS. He said to leave it off at night unless I had to pee, so I'd strap it on in the middle of the night for a bathroom run. You'll sleep much better without that boot. Besides, it's heavy!

The zero ROM is normal for your healing timeline. Just keep massaging your ankle (no gel or anything) gently for 5 minutes before you start exercises. I did the up and down gas pedal ones (20 each), then 20 each to the side left and right, then 20 each of circles in both directions. Sat in the recliner and lifted my bad leg 20 times. Finally, I'd do the alphabet with the foot. It was a good start for PT. Massage with aloe afterward and ice, ice. Those very gentle exercises definitely helped.

Everything abnormal is normal now, including tight muscles and swelling. The more you stretch, the better your foot will feel.

Take care and go take a bath!


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 Thu 7:21am 21 October 2004
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