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Comment : How Life Changes
Posted by Diana_W on Wed 11:07am 10 November 2004


Boy, you've had a lot going on in the last six months. Hope it turns out well for your son. The true love and kitty stories are fantastic. We still have romance left in this world!

If you get your hardware out, prepare for a bit of a setback. Nothing like when you first broke your foot, but it will slow you down again. I had to stop PT for three weeks while the sutures healed. I'm back with a vengeance now, and it feels good. I can even stand on the tiptoes of my bad foot, which last week was impossible.

Our ROMs are opposite. I can put the ankle down easily, but I just can't get it to lift up all of the way. As a result, I'm terrible when it comes to practicing walking forward/down stairs. The sideways stuff is easy going to the outside, but bad on the inside. It's because that darn talus splattered on the inside of the ankle and hasn't gotten strong yet.

Skipping Disney sounds like a good idea. Your daughter will have a blast without mom limping around and getting exhausted. She'll have folks to keep an eye on her.

Saw the caster question you posted on my diary. Yes, they are creepy and weird. If I see an odd message or email, I ignore them. I'll respond on my diary so I can look at you post again.

Take care! True love wins! Diana

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 Wed 11:07am 10 November 2004
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