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Comment : Me Either!!!!
Posted by Diane_M on Tue 6:34pm 16 November 2004

I saw my OS today too (a few days early). I have been having horrible pain on the inside of my ankle where my skin is still healing from the necrosis. Can you believe it has been 3 months and it still isn't healed up? Dr. stuck a needle in the red, angry, swollen part (ouch!!!!!) to see if there was pus in there - luckily he didn't come up with any, so no infection.

Here's the prognosis... I get to ditch my boot officially today too! WE ARE EVEN!!! I get to ditch the boot and try out wearing regular shoes. I tried on the left shoe of the ˝ pair that I’ve been wearing and it is tight, but it doesn’t cover my ankle where the hardware sticks out, so it shouldn’t rub. As for the pain, I have the painkillers if/when I need them and if I’m not driving!

As for my skin/scab, he said all we can do is wait. If I continue to have pain and my scab doesn’t heal, he said that they could surgically remove it, clean the area, and maybe take out the screw/pin on that side early (it depends what they find under there). They’ll then know if I need to have a skin graft on the area or not.

I think it's cool that we both get to ditch our boots on the same day! I don't have to have a brace, though, and no PT yet - not until my skin is healed. I've been walking without crutches for a couple of weeks now, it will just be weird wearing a regular shoe on my left foot!

Congrats Annette!


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 Tue 6:34pm 16 November 2004
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