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Comment : Re: How Long - It All Depends
Posted by Annette on Fri 5:37am 17 September 2004

Hi Diana, thanks for the info. I live in Michigan, so I know all about driving in snow. Only the buses that travel the backroads have chains in our district. Do you have a wheelchair yet? I used to drive special ed and they can be difficult in snow, mud, and sand. I do know that you can rent them. My comp is paying for a rental. The bill said 125.00, but I don't know what period of time that covers. It's a Godsend! I'm fortunate that I have a 1st floor walkout, so it's just one hop off the couch, into my chair, then I'm roling out to catch some rays! Spending too much time in the chair can be very uncomfortable-lower back begins to hurt because your hips aren't sitting aligned, so putting some support under your butt on the healthy side helps. The leg lifts are a must when going out, but not worth it when you're in the house. If you're still having trouble with sleeping, I highly recommend Melatonin. It's natural, doesn't leave you groggy, and works! Doctors recommend it for autistic kids and bi-polar people.

My ankle only broke in 5 places a couple weeks after yours and I'm still in a bunch of pain. I think I do too much. Also, my last cast got way too big so there's was too much movement, which caused a bunch of really raw spots around my ankle and incisions. Those are the spots that are bothing me now. That and the numbness! Is it too much to ask that the raw spots go a little numb??????

I can't believe you're in a boot already! I'm going to be in a cast for 9 weeks from surgery date. Of course, when I heard that, I was less than thrilled, but now I think I could live without the boot!

Somebody told me that broken ankles are the worst because they carry the brunt of your weight when walking-not to mention that it's a joint. It could be worse, right? I know a guy that shattered both his ankles, left leg bones, hip in 5 places, and his left arm!! He's as healed as he's ever going to get! Maybe he could start his own web paged and call it mybustedupbody!

Take Care!!

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 Fri 5:37am 17 September 2004
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