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Annie : Surprises and One Small "Jog"
Diary entry posted Wed 5:24pm 25 May 2005

May 25

Week 20

Yesterday, I went to my OS and after another xray, he told me he did not need to see me any more unless I had problems. That came as a surprise. We had a very in-depth discussion about the hardware and his take was to leave it in unless it was bothering me. That would also keep me from having another surgery. I still find the hardware issue very confusing. I have experienced so many weird and different versions of pain and discomfort with this break, that I find it hard to know if it is just the healing process or if it is due to the hardware. I just know I am working my darndest with the perspective that I will recover from this as good as before, and I really don't want anything to get in the way of that. However, I also don't relish the thought of yet another surgery. The break was my third in 8 months; that's enough. So, I guess for now, I will just keep working hard at the rehab and ignore the hardware unless something changes. I find this aspect of the break REALLY confusing!

I also went to physical therapy yesterday and found out I will be done with that next week. Yesterday, was a day of surprises for me! My therapist had me try jogging for him. Yep, jog! Okay, so I have to say, it was not the prettiest, but I surprised myself. My therapist even said I did better than he expected, which really made me optimistic. Then, he had me try jumping rope. Oh my, is that hard. My foot hurt, and my left leg (the good one) kept cramping up. I think I was putting more weight on the good leg and favoring the broken one (my right calf is still so wimpy). Anyway, I made it to a whopping 10 jumps before I couldn't stand it any more. And of course, I had to do all the usual as well. You know, the evil BAPS board, (only this time I had to do it without the cane in my left hand for support which was awful!!!), the BOSU jumping back and forth, back and forth, and the single leg presses. I never seem to come out of these sessions without my heart pounding. I can tell I am improving so I guess this is all working.

Today, I did my hike up the hill and I can tell it's getting easier every time I do it. The slope up the hill is a good 45 degrees or more in places, so it really works on my achilles and dorsi-flexion. I wish the stiffness in my foot would just go away, but I guess after all that has happened, I still need to be patient. Imagine that, more patience! Anyway, things are coming along. After next week, I will be on my own to continue my rehab. That will be the beginning of the next phase of my recovery journey. I cannot tell you how much this site has helped me in this recovery. Just being able to communicate with people who really understand and have so many wonderful pointers has been great. Thanks so much all of you!!!

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 Wed 5:24pm 25 May 2005
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