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Annie : Two Year Anniversary
Diary entry posted Mon 2:44pm 15 January 2007

January 15, 2007

My two year anniversary was a few days ago, January 7, 2006. I guess it's a good thing when you forget it until after the fact. Still, I thought I would do a quick update for those of you who might read this site while going through the adventure of a broken leg.

For the most part, my broken leg is fully healed. I can do pretty much anything I want to do, although maybe not at the magnitude I used to. I have run on my favorite trail which is 2 miles one way and uneven terrain. I have worked my tush off (literally!) on our kitchen addition/remodel project. I have hiked all over the place, walked and walked and walked, ridden bikes, you name it; I have basically resumed my pre-break life. For that I am so very grateful.

As for any lingering effects of the break, there are few if any. My scars healed so well you can hardly see them. There is still a bit of stiffness on extreme rotation (perhaps from scar tissue?), and there probably always will be. There is no deep bone ache when the weather changes. I am sure that is as a result of my having my hardware removed. I highly recommend that for those thinking about it; it's another surgery but well worth it. Basically, I have no real lingering effects that bother me much.

For those of you just beginning the journey/adventure of a broken leg, hang in there. These breaks can be so very frustrating and challenging. They can bring you to tears at times. Try to be patient. They will heal. It can seem like an eternity, but they do heal. Learn all you can about your break, work hard at your rehabilitation, and you will get your life back. All the best!!!

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 Mon 2:44pm 15 January 2007
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