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Annie : On My Own
Diary entry posted Sat 8:46am 4 June 2005

June 4

Week 21

Yesterday, I went for my last PT session. We began with the usual rotational massage, then did the BAPS board. I actually did pretty well even though my foot was a bit sore and swollen from the trip, hanging down so much and hiking. At that point, the session basically ended and we discussed how I would continue on my own and what the time frame could be. It's wild to think that I am now done with my OS (unless I have further problems like with the HW) and my Physical Therapy. I feel fairly confident in that as an athlete I know how to train my body and how to push it, and when to stop. Still, this has been quite a journey. I will continue to post, as the people on this site have been so great to me, and I would love to continue supporting those behind me who still have so many questions.

As for where I am now in my recovery:

I can hike on fairly uneven surfaces in the dirt, although I do it much more carefully than I used to. If the hike is really uneven or on an elevation, I usually take my hiking poles for support.

I can "jog" for tiny bits of time, like for 2 minutes or so. I would imagine I will just keep SLOWLY adding to that time. It is my greatest hope that I will be able to run again. I will have to listen to my foot and the pain, and judge accordingly.

I can jump rope for about 10 whole whopping jumps before I get all tangled up. That is something I will continue working on. It really works my foot, and it gets me really aerobic, but it also really works my wimpy calf. It's really hard to do and a great exercise.

I can hike up my dirt road with sections that are close to 60 degrees and my foot responds really well. That is probably one of the best things I have done for my ROM and my dorsi-flexion. Being at the angles of the road really work my foot. And, the scenary is medicine for my soul.

I am supposed to keep doing my band exercises for at least another month, and to continue doing my gastroc stretch (calf stretch) and soleus stretch, to continue stretching those muscles. Those exercises are more continual stretches than I get on my walk. And I am to continue adding more and more of what I would normally do to my routine, all the while listening to my foot. As for the ucky stuff: I still have all kinds of weird aches and pains in the foot, but they are SLOWLY disappearing bit by bit. I also will still get swelling, although not as much as in the beginning. My therapist reminded me that these breaks take a long time to fully recover from and to be patient. Oh yeah, that patience thing. I'm still working on that after all this time! That's hard to do at times.

I feel like I have really reached a mile-stone at this point. It's a bit scary, but it is also really exciting as well. Now to the next phase of this recovery!!!

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 Sat 8:46am 4 June 2005
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