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Comment : lots of similarities
Posted by Ellen on Fri 8:57pm 25 March 2005

Hi, Annie. You sound like you are healing very well.

What is up with the no/low pain thing? After I reduced my fracture ("I can't have a foot that looks like THAT!', reach over and move it from 2:30 to noon), my pain level went from a 10 to a 1 or 2. The only time it really hurt like crazy was the night after surgery. Ever since then it is mostly minor pain. I wonder if this is specific to tri-mal fx'es or if you, DD and I are just plain lucky with the pain thing.

What a twisted trick of fate that six weeks after your hys you get this fracture. I am thinking it is easier to recover from the first surgery than the second-I have had to laporotomies (ovary issues) and while no picnic, it was only tissue healing, not bone healing.

You have a good friend, the one that picked you up and kept you for a while right after surgery. Those first days are so needy and odd.

I still think about that this happened to me. I have trouble remembering the earlier part of December...this fracture has been a major delinator for me in my life, not as powerful as not having children was, but definitely in the top ten delinations.

Lucky you having mountains to gaze at! I live in a suburban area, I have other houses. My house is a split entry, too, so stairs were unavoidable. I employed the on my butt method to get up and down stairs until I could bear weight on the 'affected limb'.

Your writing style is very readable--if you are looking for a second career, you could be a writer!

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 Fri 8:57pm 25 March 2005
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