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Annie : Still Plugging Along After 22 Weeks
Diary entry posted Tue 4:50pm 14 June 2005

June 14

So, here I am at 22 weeks post-break and I am still plugging along towards my full recovery from this break. I have been without PT for a bit, but I find that taking my therapist's advice and just continuing what I would "normally" do, seems to be working pretty well. I continue my hikes up my little mountain, with the ultimate goal of hiking the big one still covered in snow I see out my front window.

Today, I have almost no swelling and as a consequence, I can walk normally and my foot feels really good. There are still days when the swelling appears which then constricts some of my movement. I just keep working through it regardless. I am hoping that with time, I have more days with no swelling, and less with. I am still perplexed about the HW issue. When I rotate my foot certain directions, I can definitely feel it, and it still seems like it restricts some of my ability to regain all of my ROM. Is it painful? Not really. I would characterize it more as discomfort, and maybe creepy. However, does that mean I get it out? That means yet another surgery, which would be my 4th in about a year. That's not so good. This would be a totally elective surgery which puts it in a completely different category as the others. Do you risk all the potential complications of any surgery when you don't necessarily have to? I am doing really well, I just can't seem to get "all" of my foot back, so the HW is always present in the back of my mind. The other day, a very knowledgeable nurse said with a chunk of metal in your foot, how could someone not feel it with weather changes, movement, etc. As I have said before, I find this aspect of recovery very confusing. For now, I will just continue doing what I "normally" do, and see how things go.

On June 25th, I will celebrate my 48th birthday, and I guess what I am most thankful for, is the recovery I have experienced so far. In finding this website, I have met some of the nicest, most helpful people I could have ever hoped to. Finding this website helped answer so many questions I had, gave me hope, and connected me with people who REALLY understood what I was dealing with. What a great gift! As I approach my birthday, I am a different person in many ways than I was before the break. I will never look at disabilities again with the same eyes. For that, I am grateful. I will(am) recover from this break and continue being blessed with the ability to do the things I love. For those who are not so fortunate, I have the deepest compassion. I have discovered a resolve within me that pleases me. Now, I just need to figure out what life has in store for me. I truly believe that things happen for a reason, though we may not always know why immediately. Way back in my diary I quoted one of my favorite quotes from Richard Bach. I will share it again:

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands,

We seek problems, for their gifts.

I have already seen some of the gifts in this break. I wonder what else will come my way? Meanwhile, I'll just keep plugging along ...

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 Tue 4:50pm 14 June 2005
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