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Annie : Ladders and Heights Just Aren't the Same
Diary entry posted Thu 9:54pm 23 June 2005

June 23

I am discovering something interesting about this break yet again, just how much it has impacted my life in ways which really have nothing to do with broken bones. My husband and I are redoing our daughter's bathroom while she is gone. Of course that involves painting, the first step. With a 12 foot peak in the room, and a skylight to boot, that involves a ladder. In the past, pre-break that is, that was no big deal. I have never been one who is particularly afraid of heights. I never had a fear of clammering around on the roof of our house, in fact, I found it rather fun. I have never had trouble climbing up a ladder to reach what ever I needed to, I just did it with no particular thought in mind. That is, until now.

First, I slipped on the ice and broke my leg in three places in a matter of seconds. That required surgery to fix. Next, a bit down the road of recovery, I discovered this web site which has been a God-send and so helpful in answering questions and allowing me to see that I am not alone in this journey. However, then I discovered the "ladder club", those whose lives had been changed in an instant due to a ladder and the ever-present effect of gravity. Hm... That's when my perspective on heights and ladders I think changed.

Today as my husband was scaling the ladder to reach the highest points in our room, I found myself noticing each and every step, each and every possible hazard, and basically on "high-alert" the whole time. It was really weird. Never before do I remember thinking all those thoughts. It was just a ladder and just something that needed to be done; that just was not so today.

I am left as I write wondering what next will appear in the legacy of this broken leg. What seemingly meaningless activity will seem forever changed because of this break? I thought once the bones and soft tissue healed that I was done. Maybe, that is not quite the case...

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 Thu 9:54pm 23 June 2005
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