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Comment : Ladder Club Legacy
Posted by Robbyn on Fri 12:18pm 24 June 2005


I really should NOT be sitting here chuckling, but I did get a laugh at your last posting. I think it's either laugh or cry, so I'll choose laughter.

Like you and many others here, I was never too worried about ladders or heights until I fell. And since I "only" fell about 3 feet, I was almost embarrassed to admit I did such damage at such a low height. I've jumped off ladders while higher up than that before!!! I find myself being hyper-vigilant about safety with family and others helping on our addition since my accident. I about flipped when I saw my daughter on a ladder 11' in the air painting the inside of her sky light or my son working the air nailer. Too often I see something on TV or in person and say, "Wow--you/that person could break their leg doing that!"

You summed it up quite well...we thought when the physical healing was over the book could be closed and put on the shelf (just not using a ladder for a high shelf probably). The logical part of me knows this was a "fluke," but the "it-wakes-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night" part of my mind wonders how I'll EVER get those 56 windows cleaned on that house.............

Take care! --Robbyn

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 Fri 12:18pm 24 June 2005
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