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Annie : The Simple Act of Walking
Diary entry posted Thu 4:27pm 31 March 2005

Mar 31

"The simple act of walking
is not so simple
When one finds it exceedingly difficult
to do".

Okay, so yesterday I swear even my hair hurt. It was one of those days when I awoke with the greatest of intentions. Another winter storm was in the air so it was freezing cold again. Not to be thwarted from my walk, I just bundled up more. Still, it felt like my whole body hurt, starting with my foot. I made it down the street, barely, and gave up. It just was one of those days when no matter how much I wanted "it", "it" wasn't happening. I think those times are the hardest to deal with through this recovery period. You can have the best of intentions, and still the break says no. Later in the day, I went to my PT session. I refused to miss that no matter how badly I felt. Having my foot manipulated and rubbed felt sooooo good, I was so glad I went. Even the single leg presses felt good. By the time I left, I felt a little better. Still, it was one of those days we all have experienced. I felt like I just wanted to cry all day. It's the ups and downs of this recovery that can be so challenging at times.

Today, I awoke to less pain and a more upbeat outlook. It was still freezing and the wind was blowing, so I'm betting the temp was in the 20's. I walk SO slowly, it is hard to stay warm under the circumstances. That can be depressing as well since I was always known for forging ahead. At any rate, bundled to the hilt I took my walk today and gazed at my beloved mountains. I've said it before, they truly are my therapy. The intense cold, the sadness, the frustration, all of it seems to lesson as I gaze up at those mountains. A friend of mine (with medical challenges of her own) and I have a date to hike to the top of Mt. Rose. Don't know when I'll do that, but I will...

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 Thu 4:27pm 31 March 2005
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