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Comment : Hi Annie
Posted by Lyssa on Tue 3:28pm 28 June 2005

Hey there,

Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate it. I am totally on one crutch at home and two in public, but I think by the end of the week I will be a one-crutch wonder everywhere. The swelling seems to get better pretty quick when I elevate and ice. So, at least if I am going to swell, I can also de-swell.

How are your mountains? We got a little rain today, so my mountain was grey and hazy, but I am looking out a window and it looks like the sun is trying to wrestle back control of the situation.

My homework for this week is to find some nice easy Geocaches, so that this weekend Michael, geodog Max, and I can get back to it. I figure if I am able to be the one-crutch wonder, then I can walk through a few city parks. It is really just nice to start to get back to the things I enjoy doing in life. I have enjoyed working, but this is more the personal me.

I hope you are doing well; I think of you often and will keep dogging your trail. You are doing a great job of leading the way in healing.


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 Tue 3:28pm 28 June 2005
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