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Annie : Back Home - Again
Diary entry posted Sat 8:45am 9 July 2005

July 9

Well, I am back home again after our second camping trip, which compared to the last in beautiful Lassen Park, was not much of a camping trip. We needed to be down near the Sacramento airport so we could pick up our daughter who was flying home for the first time alone from my folk's place in Southern California. Southwest Airlines has discontinued all flights that are non-stop between So Cal and Reno, so flying her into Sacramento was the best we could do so that on her first flight alone she did not have to disembark and find a new gate and everything. So, we found a campground in Vacaville in the Eucalyptus trees and figured that would work. Well, just before we left on Tuesday, a doctor's appt for my husband got moved from several weeks out to Friday, so that cut our little trip down by a day and we would return on Thursday. Off we went headed over I-80. Just over the summit, we hit construction He--. Imagine a trip that should have taken 3 hours taking 5 1/2 hours and you get the idea. We averaged about 8-10 mph for miles and kept moving from 1 lane to 2 lanes, back to 1 lane, etc. Every time the lanes changed there was a huge bottleneck and people jockeying for place and cars weaving in and out, and us, trying to pull our little trailer and not get creamed and gestered with obscenities. Once we got to the park, we both were pretty uptight, not a relaxing start to a trip. Our daughter made it in just fine, had a great flight, and we were able to meet some old friends who live in Vallejo for dinner that evening. That was wonderful. The next day, which came much too soon, we packed up and headed home. This time we avoided the construction and took an alternate route through the forests on a little winding two lane road, but it was peaceful and SOOO beautiful. A much better end to our little trip than the beginning.

As for the status of my foot, after hanging down for the long trip over the mountains, it had its lovely donut of swelling by that night. I tried really hard to continue flexing it the whole way, which helped with the stiffness a bit. By the next day, most of the swelling was deflated and the stiffness was better, but I still had the achy/breakies. That really frustrates me at this point in this healing, but I keep telling myself, it could be much worse. Once I acquire all this patience, I will be quite a virtuous woman! I did a fair amount of walking on this short little trip, and that did help loosen up the foot which was nice. Now that I am officially home for a bit, I will begin the hikes up my little hill every day and keep working toward my ultimate goal, a more "normal" feeling/working foot.

We're still on hold on our kitchen addition project waiting for our engineer to work on the plans and do our snow-load calcs. I'm beginning to hope that if we can just get the framing done and the new roof on before the snow flies again, we'll be doing really well. I had had visions of our first Christmas with the new addition done, but that sure is not going to happen. So right now, getting the new roof finished is looking pretty good. On a ligher note, our daughter loved what her dad and I did with her bathroom while she was gone. Yea, we haven't lost our touch with the projects. Now, to work on the kitchen ...

All the best to you out there in BL land; I hope you all are healing well. Keep your spirits up, and remember, each and every day is new. These breaks take a lot of patience and time, but we will all get "there". Keep healing!!!

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 Sat 8:45am 9 July 2005
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