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Comment : Gosh, I Miss the West!
Posted by Robbyn on Sat 6:40pm 9 July 2005


Your camping tales sure make me miss it out west! When we were out there 2 years ago with our kids and 12 college students, I will never forget the fun day we had while leaving Yosemite. We were at the top of Yosemite after having spent the night in Curry Village in the tent cabins, then in the meadows, there was snow. Now, this is July...and we went "sledding" on our backsides in this icy snow on the hillside--it was a blast! I said I should write to LLBean and tell them that their rip-stop nylon hiking shorts are great on snow, too. We threw snowballs at each other. It was great! Later that day we were in Death Valley where it was about 120, and we ended the day in Vegas. So, I truly enjoy your stories.

I have had a very, very minor set-back. You said you're careful not to use your lead leg first, and that's what I did yesterday getting out of the car at the post office. I sort of rolled my ankle just slightly and didn't think much of it. Last night the screws near my ankle really hurt, and by this afternoon my fx sites were in pain, too. Called the OS (who is 2 hours away), he tells me to go get x-rays at urgent care to see if I broke a screw, and let him know. Dr. at urgent care said I put some torque on the screws which can be pretty uncomfortable but luckily nothing broke. So, I have a bottle of happy pills and must take it easy for a few days--although he said PT on Tuesday would still be OK. This whole thing is crazy.

My best friend instant messaged me yesterday and broke her 5th metacarpal in her right hand doing some type of yard work. She will see OS on Monday and will probably require surgery. She has been through a lot the past two years and doesn't need this at all. I am going to visit her next weekend and help out as best as I'm able. Her kids are 13 and 10.

Your daughter liked her new bathroom? Did you say it was a surprise for her? What color scheme did you use?

Please keep up with the great stories. Sure wish I could be in Mt. Tam. hiking...a day in Napa...but I guess our rolling hills of SE Ohio will have to make do. Take care! --Robbyn

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 Sat 6:40pm 9 July 2005
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