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Annie : 7 Months and Another Camping Trip
Diary entry posted Thu 10:29am 11 August 2005

August 11

I thought I would do a quick update as I have now reached the 7 month mark. The week of August 2-7 we went back up to Hat Creek north of Mt Lassen for another camping trip. August 4 was out 21st anniversary, and we spent the day geocaching, visiting the radio telescope facility, and just hanging out. My foot/ankle is doing well, although I have developed a persistent ache along my fibula plate. I think even though I have tried to ignore the HW issue, it is time to visit my OS and find out what is going on. I feel this aching along one spot that is there walking, hiking, and just about everything else. Needless to say, it is really frustrating. Anyway, our camping trip was wonderful, despite it being blazing hot.

On another on-going subject I have made reference to on this site, Monday we finally took all our kitchen addition info to another engineer to get our snow-load calcs done. The first guy had done nothing in over 2 months. This new guy said it would be done in no more than 3 weeks, then we are off to the county for a permit. At this point we are just hoping to get the whole project framed and roofed before the snow flies. At least the weather has cooled a bit. I guess that is the blessing in disguise?

So, at this 7 month mark, I continue to do my walk every day working my foot as much as I can. I am able to engage in most of the things I enjoy. My swelling for the most part is minimal, mostly appearing after a long day on my feet and on the tibia side. I still wake up with stiffness, but with stretching and rotation, it will go away. Some days my foot feels absolutely normal, other days (and for no good reason) it aches and can hurt a bit. The only issue I continue to have to deal with, is the confusion around my hardware. With the persistence of the pain, I am again questioning whether it should stay in. I will take my time reviewing my options and try to make an educated decision with the hope that I will have the best result for the long term.

That's about it for now. I'm still plugging along ...

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 Thu 10:29am 11 August 2005
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