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Comment : Contractors and home remodeling
Posted by Lyssa on Fri 10:34pm 12 August 2005

Hi Annie,

I feel for you and working on your kitchen. A couple of years ago Michael and I decided to xeroscape our front yard, taking out the water sucking trees and grass. But, I didn't want is to look ugly so we hired a landscape architect. He designed a really pretty xeroscape with lavender and rosemary and lots of other drought tolerant plants. In my mind I could just see how nice it would look. Then, because neither Michael nor I have the backs for it, so we hired a contractor to rip out all the old stuff, build a wall and steps leading to the street, and put in the new stuff. Man o’man, I had to call him everyday and keep on him like a ‘fly on sh**.” I hated it. I felt so demanding and that made me resentful because we were paying him. I sort of felt like if I pay you and you agree to do the job, then you work. He and his team did a great job, but I finally had to tell him, “I will be a bitch and call you daily and monitor everything, if you don’t communicate with me about what is going on…” Our little come to Jesus only helped marginally, so I think he was glad to be done with me when he completed the job.

The next year we decided to pull out all the carpet in our house and lay tile. So, we did it ourselves. I laid 1100 sq ft of tile. What a learning experience that was. I learned that houses aren’t square, Italian tiles are definitely not square, and creative details are just interesting ways to hide mistakes. I only had one meltdown during that project. We were laying tile in our living room and it wasn’t going straight (in my eyes) I was like “I can’t live with the tile being off of what I want! We need to pull it up and relay it!” My mom was visiting and she just laughed. Michael just looked at me and said, “No.” I think that was the first time he had ever done that and after I cried, it all seemed really silly to me. I love my tile now and I have to admit it looks great and only I would see that my living room is a perfectly squared space.

Good luck in getting your project fully completed.


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 Fri 10:34pm 12 August 2005
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