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Annie : 8 Months and Counting ...
Diary entry posted Sat 2:56pm 20 August 2005

August 20

Heh, everybody!

I thought I would take a few minutes and post since it's been awhile. I had a sad thing happen almost across the street from me; my neighbor, who is in the middle of a large home addition/improvement project (I know, this is where all us home-improvers gasp), fell down her new stairs (albeit in flip-flops) and broke her left leg. I think she might have ended up with a tri-mal fx; she had her hardware put in two days ago. When I was told by another neighbor, I went over to visit her and hopefully answer any and all questions I could. She had her surgery put off a few days to let the swelling go down a bit. I remembered so well how confused I was when I first broke my leg, so I really wanted to help in any way I could. Weird how the circle comes back around. I also told her about our web-site; I am hoping she will take advantage of it. I tried to visit again today, but I think she was sleeping or gone. I'm just glad I can help.

As for me, I am still plugging away at regaining my pre-break abilities. I am definitely seeing an improvement in my energy and stamina; I have spent several days working in my yard to the tune of about 7 hours of hard physical labor. That feels SO good. There is still stiffness between the ankle bones, but I mostly just flex it and ignore it. I am trying to squeeze in as much of this summer as I can, and as stubborn as I am, I refuse to be slowed down by the break. Still, I need to follow up with my OS and check out the HW issue.

I still find I need to keep up the flexing exercises or my ankle stiffens up. When I wake up in the morning, I need to rotate and flex my foot before I hit the ground. I wonder if that is just the way things will be now. It mostly feels like soft tissue, and not the ache of arthritis, so I am grateful for that. I think the thing that really gives me a reality check when I get frustrated over my limitations, is that I make myself remember that Chris Reeve went to his grave wanting just to be able to take a step on his own. So, if my steps are a little bit creaky or stiff, that's really not so bad after all. That really puts things in perspective for me.

All in all, my foot is coming along and for the most part, I have been able to do pretty much what I want to this summer. I am very grateful for that. Here's to continued improvement for all of us!!!

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 Sat 2:56pm 20 August 2005
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