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Comment : Crossing my fingers
Posted by Lyssa on Wed 9:27pm 24 August 2005

Hi Annie,

I'm crossing my fingers that your new engineer gets those snow load calculations for you... for reals!

It is a strange world; every day someone is doing something and getting hurt. I am sorry for your neighbor, I can empathize :o)) She is lucky to have you so close.

Eight months, wow, you are exactly double where I am, this Sat marks 4 months. I have finally made the move from weeks to months; my BL baby is growing up. PT has been really wonderful. I have been lucky and got a great PT office. They have me doing all kinds of things and several of the Therapists have broken their ankles also, so they know where I am with this process.

This weekend Michael and I will start geocaching again. We have a couple that are supposed to be easy, and I need to get prepare because we are going to New Orleans in October and I am sure we will want to do a few in the city.

I am glad that you are moving forward, I sound crazy to myself as I say this, but I can't wait till I can do yard work. :o))

All the best,

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 Wed 9:27pm 24 August 2005
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