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Annie : Post-surgical Checkup
Diary entry posted Tue 7:15pm 27 December 2005

December 27

Today was day 6 after surgery and my post-surgical checkup. The stitches were removed which is always a bit creepy as they pull those little buggers out. My incision sites seem to be doing well and my swelling is minimal. The incision over my tibia is only about 1 inch long where originally it was about 2 inches. That's great. The incision over my fibula where the plate was is the same length, about 5 inches long. Now I just wait for everything to heal, and use my air cast for a bit of stability while I am healing. And yes, I walked unaided to my appointment. I had said I intended to do so, and I did just that. Now I will begin my walking again, adding one step at a time until I am again running down my mountain trail. My gait is a bit choppy and things are still burning along the incision sites, but all in all, this recovery is nothing like the first time around. What a difference!

For those of you interested, I will briefly recap:

Day 1 Surgery was out-patient and took about 45 minutes. I was in to the center at 6:00 am and home by 11:30 am. That day was really spent mostly sleeping/lounging off the effects of the anesthesia. I really did not feel much pain at all. I used my walker exclusively and mostly hopped, though I did try a bit of toe-touching.

Day 2 The effects of the anesthesia had worn off and this day was awful. There was a lot of pain of all sorts so I took my old pain meds. I could stand NO toe-touching or anything on the foot and mostly stayed horizontal. I stayed COMPLETELY off my foot. This was a really difficult day.

Day 3 I awoke this morning and realized quickly I felt about 50-60% better than the day before. I used my walker and walked on the toe of the surgical foot putting some weight on it. The pain was mostly tolerable and I took the pain meds for the day then stopped by night-time.

Day 4 I awoke again to realize I had even more improvement. I worked with my therabands and gently tried to get my foot back into a more normal position. I was able to flatten it out and walked with the walker. At that point, I tried one crutch, which went pretty well. I worked on the walking in the house throughout the day and while a bit "Frankensteinish", it was coming along. I still used the walker at night when it was dark and I really needed the stability and protection from falling.

Day 5 I folded up the walker and put down the crutch and practiced walking unaided for the day. I was on my feet a lot this day so by the end of the day, my foot was a bit swollen and the incision sites were really burning. The pain level was minimal and quite manageable.

Day 6 My post-surgical checkup today. The stitches were removed and everything is going well. I walked in to the office unaided. I did bring a crutch when we stopped at a few stores on the way home, mostly to make people aware of me and for my own protection. I was put back in my air cast to wear as I continue healing (filling in the holes in my bones) for about 6 weeks.

That's it friends. This is NOTHING like recovering from the initial break. For those of you having difficulties with the HW and thinking about having it out, it's not bad. As for myself, I have great optimism for 2006. I think I will avoid the ice. One humorous thing; one of the Christmas gifts I was given was a set of boot chains. You put them on your snow boots for traction. Gosh, I wish I had known about them last January. Anyway, continued healing to all of my MBL friends. Here's to the best of new years ahead!!!

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 Tue 7:15pm 27 December 2005
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