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Annie : Exactly 13 Months Ago Today ...
Diary entry posted Tue 5:18pm 7 February 2006

February 7

Exactly 13 months ago today, I began this broken leg adventure. I had no idea what would lay ahead for me, and I was filled with fear, sadness, and a lot of questions about what my future would be.

Today, I had my six week checkup following my HW removal surgery. Now, in my family, 13 is a lucky number so I knew today would be a good day. I started off with 3 miles of hard walking on my treadmill, followed by 25 minutes hard pedaling on my road bike, followed by some upper body stuff. I felt really GOOD today, and just knew the doctor would have good news for me. Well, the x-rays showed my holes were filling in nicely, I am healing well, and I am officially out of my air cast, and cleared to begin running bit by bit on my treadmill. Nothing on a trail yet as it is too uneven and I am still growin' bone. So, for those of you even remotely interested, I celebrated with a 3 minute 59 second (the length of a good running song) jog on my treadmill. My tibia was a bit achy getting used to the pounding, but nothing bad.

I feel really optimistic about the future. I had a frank discussion with my OS about the running. I have always had a dream of running just one marathon by my 50th birthday (1 1/2 years from now); of course, that was pre-broken leg. I asked him if that was even wise to consider as I have done so well this far, and do not want to risk giving my ankle any reason to start with the arthritis stuff (if that is the case, it's not worth risking to me). He said we'll see how things go with time. I have to go back again in 8 weeks to see how the holes are at that time. I got an extra copy of the x-rays for myself, and you can clearly see where the holes are and the bone is filling in. It's wild to look at those films and remember all this last year has entailed. Anyway, I am almost at the end of this journey; I feel for the most part of am. I will continue lots of walking and biking, and SLOWLY add a few minutes of jogging. At least I know I can do it. That's just awesome for me.

For all of you following me on your BL adventures, keep thinking positively and visualize good things for yourselves. All the very best to you!!!

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 Tue 5:18pm 7 February 2006
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