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Comment : Re: Re: In the "middle" of the tri-mal journey
Posted by Kathryn on Sun 7:56pm 30 July 2006

Hi Annie,
Thanks for checking in!!! As I said, your comments have been my inspiration since last November. . . I'm so glad to hear from you!

Here are my "issues" . . .to bring you up-to-date/remind you (we wrote once before)
My injury was 11 Nov 05 w/initial surgery the next day . . .I had to have a 2nd surgery on 6 Dec 05 (K-wire) because one of the pins had slipped . . .a third surgery in late Jan 06 to remove a temp "holding pin." I began PT in mid Jan 06, continuing thru May 06. (BAPS board, strengthening exercises, balance, walking on toes/heels, etc.)

1. ROM: the 360 degree ROM is still somewhat limited. Talked to my OS 2 weeks ago . . .discussed HW removal. With an x-ray during appt., he noted that all bones were "aligned" . . .but perhaps scar tissue/cartiledge were preventing both the "up/down" (as in going up steep inclines. I have been walking up inclines/doing some "rough" walking on rocky beaches in Maine during vacation last week. Saw some improvement. OS suggested that perhaps "arthroscopy" and HW removal in the fall would also help. I am continuing with the "rough" walking . . .rocky, uneven surfaces . . .will be walking on a sandy beach in N.C. in a few weeks. My PT had said that sandy beaches are great P.T. . . .

Still have what I would term the "achy-breakys"--my foot is sore and tired after walking on flat surfaces (like grocery stores or malls . . .sometimes rocky/uneven surfaces actually feel better!) Is that what you would feel (and then define as "achy-breakys?)

I have a spot on my heel (OS and PT say it is plantar fasciatis) which is a real PAIN. Like a KNOT. Did not have this prior to break.

Have been faithful to the PT, etc. but am getting tired. Have a 12 year old who would like me to be "mom" again.

Have learned a lot from your postings . . .and wish you well with your kitchen remodeling. . .we may join you in the remodeling saga in the near future.

Perhaps I'm just impatient . . .it just feels like FOREVER to feel normal again.

Thanks from Virginia . . .

Best wishes from Virginia,

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 Sun 7:56pm 30 July 2006
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