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Comment : Hi Annie
Posted by Tom on Wed 10:25pm 13 April 2005

Thanks for writing me on my Diary. After reading your "life story" on this board, I was amazed that yet another person had broken a leg on Ice/Snow. It must happen more than I think.

And so, I ESPECIALLY feel for you!!!!

Yes, PT does hurt. But I will tell you.....I've noticed that the "black boot" starts doing more HARM than good after awhile!

For me, wearing the boot too long results in a "Locked up" ankle that is very painful to get back in motion. Around the house I DO NOT wear it......I wear my sneakers {which just barely fit on the bad leg}. I use one crutch typically, but the sneaker allows ankle movement.....which is what the PT said was my biggest problem.

To date, my ankle has a LOT more range of motion due to the exercises and NOT wearing the boot around the house. {If I go out, I do wear it}

Perhaps I am doing a no-no, but I am definetly healing faster.

I see my OS on MOnday {12 weeks} and we'll see.

But I have the same pains you do......especially at the "screw" entry points...........OUCH.

I also feel the buring pain if I'm "overdoing it" in my leg. But it quickly subsides when I rest it.

No pain,no gain I guess!


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 Wed 10:25pm 13 April 2005
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