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Comment : Re: Re: Nevada
Posted by Annie on Wed 6:52pm 27 April 2005

Hi Bill!

I don't mind the questions at all. When I graduated from the School of Mines here, the price of gold was really high so there was a lot of exploration work going on right here in the US. Now a lot of it is out of the country in some not so friendly places, hence I am "retired". I also had my daughter and spent several years home schooling her. Any way, when I was working in the field, I worked primarily in precious metals exploration. Mainly I was on the ground taking samples, mapping the geology, and actively looking for ore deposits. At other times I would be out claim staking. I worked predominantly out of the back of my truck, in fact at times I lived out of the back of it. I would be out for two week stretches and then go back into town for the paper work (and a very welcome shower!). A couple of times I lived in a camp in a small trailer which was a bit easier. When I was out doing the field work, I was all by myself. Sometimes back at camp there would be one other person. I guess I knew there was some danger involved, but at the time it just didn't seem to phase me. In retrospect with the benefit of a few more years, I realize more of the "what ifs". Nowadays, so much of the work is done by remote sensing using satellite imaging, etc., that the field work is about the last thing done. It's cheaper that way. At the time I was doing it, we did an awful lot of the preliminary work, and then handed it off to the people who would see if it was worth developing. As for your other questions, I am pretty sure that cell phones would not work in most of the places where I worked, unless I was up on a mountain. That's how my husband and I communicate when he is on a wild land fire. The back pack ended up 70 lbs filled with rock samples that were taken as I hiked around. Sometimes the weight was with bags of soil samples. As for the weapon question, that is an interesting answer. At first I never carried one. Then one day I was in the middle of no where, and some old geezer showed up asking me all kinds of questions. That scared me more than any fear of getting bit in the rear by a rattlesnake, or chomped on by some critter. After that, I started carrying a 357 with me. Funny aside, at that point I told my husband I would shoot him a nice rattlesnake for a hat band (we have some pretty huge snakes). I think the word went out, because I never saw another big one to shoot! You know, at the time I was in exploration, I would wake up in the morning as the sun was waking up the desert, and just be in awe of the beauty all around me. I was being paid to be in these places! How cool! It was some of the most physically demanding work I have ever done, but some of the most rewarding. I guess it did have its danger. While I was working, I learned how drill rigs work (we would drill for core samples), and I learned how to operate heavy equipment (like D8 cats). I suppose it is a bit amazing that I never got hurt in any way. I'm not a very big person, but
it was really fun up on the cats! Any way, I really loved Geology while I was doing it.

By the way, your trip sounds wonderful. What great sights you would see and terrific memories you would make. I am thrilled that you have gotten outside of Vegas to see the country. The Red Rocks area is spectacular. I actually found a silver property to stake outside of the Vegas area. Any way, I hope you get your chance to take your trip some day. The west is really beautiful, rugged beauty. All the best, Annie

Oh, by the way, most of us locals don't gamble either. We figured out a long time ago, who was paying for those huge casinos!!!

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 Wed 6:52pm 27 April 2005
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