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Annie : My Timeline
Diary entry posted Mon 7:03pm 21 March 2005

Okay, one last entry. I thought I would add my timeline of recovery and see how this compares with those of you out there in BL land. I would love to know how I am doing.

Jan 7 6:30 am Trimalleolar Break
5:00 pm Surgery with hardware

Jan 9 Checked out of hospital with large Jone's cast (rigid, stuffed ace bandage-type cast)

Jan 10 Home at last

Jan 13 First OS check-up Jone's cast removed, stitches taken out, first x-ray post-op (took my breath away to see the hardware in my leg), put in Darth Vader boot. No weight bearing (WB) for one month. I quit all pain meds at this point. I was tired of feeling pukey all the time and they gave me a headache.

Jan 18 Had a wheel chair delivered so I could have a little freedom.

Jan 22 My first trip outside in my new wheels to see my mountains. My husband almost got me stuck in the mud!

Feb 8 Second trip to the OS (4 week visit). My tibia had filled in. Fibula had started filling in but still a bit to go. Posterior tibia still had a jagged edge to fill in. I can begin toe touching - minor WB with two crutches for about a week, then one week WB with two crutches, then one week WB one crutch,then WB no crutches.

Mar 11 Third trip to the OS (9 week visit). I walked in with NO crutches! Yeah! All my fractures had filled in per new x-ray. No more Darth Vader boot. Put in Air Cast (which I think is more like an air splint than cast). In the air splint, I need to use one crutch to feel really stable and not limp. I can walk 1/2 mile SLOWLY, but it feels so good to be out in the mountain air and sunshine.

Mar 15 First trip to the Physical Therapist. I really like him. He is on Ski Patrol and an avid athlete, so I feel he understands what my goals are. He took numerous measurements of my broken ankle, comparing it with normal movement in my good ankle. He stretched and massaged things, worked on flexibility, and went through 6 at-home exercies for me to do (two with bands for rotation, calf stretch, soleus stretch, toe raises, balance on broken foot for 60 seconds with EYES CLOSED - yea sure!) Also told me to lose the crutch unless I was sore or limping.

Mar 16 ROUGH day. I feel like a truck ran over me. PT really stirred things up. It will get better.

Mar 17 Okay, better day. I took another 1/2 mile walk looking at my mountains. Yeah! Doing my PT exercises, all of a sudden it felt like the upper 1/3 of my foot felt alive. COOL! Things are starting to loosen up a bit.

Mar 18 Second PT session. It went really well. It feels good to finally be doing something to regain some flexibility. Boy, it sure comes back slowly. My foot feels very stuck.

Mar 19 Did not crash and burn after PT this time. Took nice walk, added 5 mins on my bike on its rollers. Yeah!

Mar 21 Still trying to walk (I need to rebuild my shrunken muscles), and add a few minutes on my bike every day for range of motion (ROM). Still doing my PT exercises three times a day. I can now stand on my bad foot for 60 seconds, three times in a row (forget with my eyes closed!) Still plugging along, very slowly!

So, how am I doing?

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 Mon 7:03pm 21 March 2005
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