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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Nevada
Posted by Bill_F on Wed 9:46pm 27 April 2005

Thanks Annie,

That was a great story. You and your husband lead such interesting lives. When I read stories of the fires out west this year I will think of your husband and wish him well. Does your daughter show any interest in geology?

The Red Rocks were fantastic and I also love the Valley of Fire, with the return trip along Lake Mead down to Henderson. The first time I did that trip on the bike, I did it solo, as my wife was hotel-bound the whole trip with the flu. I didn't see a soul for miles and miles and miles, and it felt so invigorating to be out in the desert on those winding roads all by myself. I just wanted to ride forever! You can't go five minutes in the country here without seeing someone.

Yeah, Vegas doesn't make any money off of us, except for maybe a show or two. I just can't see throwing money away like that. We were actually planning a trip to Vegas for my wife's birthday (which is today) when I broke my leg. I didn't know what shape I would be in by now, so we cancelled the plans. I'm kind of glad, because I'm surely not mobile enough to be walking the strip! At least I would have gotten a good seat on the plane, though!

How's the leg doing? I'm still walking gingerly. People at work don't realize how slow I have to walk with the cane or crutch, and they usually leave me in the dust. How's PT going? I love the whirlpool the best. Bill

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 Wed 9:46pm 27 April 2005
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