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Comment : Re: Re: Re: Re: Nevada
Posted by Annie on Wed 10:15pm 27 April 2005

Hi Bill!

Yep, you have discovered exactly what I was describing about the desert; miles and miles of wide open space, and no people. It is liberating, isn't it?! So sorry your wife had such an awful time. Hopefully on a later trip she got to join you. Oh,my husband wants me to tell you he has a 1980 Harley XLS Roadster with the 1000 cc ironhead. According to my husband: it's loud, it vibrates, it leaks oil ... Yep, it's a Harley!!! He also recommends taking a trip on your bike some day across Nevada on Highway 50, dubbed the "Loneliest Road in America". Actually, it is really a neat trip, and you pass through some really neat areas. Just about any little town in Nevada, and I have been through it, or worked out of it. I don't care how small, there will always be a gas station and a bar. It's pretty funny.

I am sitting with my foot up today, as it is pretty sore. PT was today, and I did a lot. I am still stiff in the mornings (argh!) and still trying to break my little bad habits to walk correctly. Boy, I wish there was a whirlpool where I do my PT. That sounds wonderful! I still walk pretty slowly as well. When I walk faster, my bad habits really come out, so my PT says to slow down and concentrate on my technique. Quality is much more important than quantity to him. Keep up the great progress. Annie

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 Wed 10:15pm 27 April 2005
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