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Comment : keep it up
Posted by Liz_M on Fri 12:22am 29 April 2005

Hi Annie,
Sounds like your doing good. Keep it up. I'm sure if you keep at it you'll break the bad habits. Don't be too hard on yourself. :-)

Nevada sounds beautiful. Haven't been yet. I'm right next door though in Ca. The desert out here isn't too impressive, but from your description, Nevada sounds a lot nicer and would like to go someday. not Vegas though, it's not my thing either. I think gambling is kinda pointless and not really into all the showiness...

Glad the mountains are your inspiration, hafta find something when things bring ya down. My inspiration is school and my kitty cat. Sometimes driving, I catch a glimpse of the mountains, but nothing like you describe. I'm in the hustle and bustle of Orange County....
Hope things continue to go well and you keep up the progress. I'm crossing my fingers that I get a walking cast in 2 weeks like the OS promised.
take care,

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 Fri 12:22am 29 April 2005
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