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Annie : It Don't Come Easy
Diary entry posted Sat 4:01pm 7 May 2005

May 7

Ok, now for my latest update. Today I attempted something I have not even thought of since this break; I mowed the lawn. Before you get this sweet, oh how wonderful, reaction, let me tell you, it was pretty pathetic. A short history: the morning after we put in our front lawn, we had 30 cows herding through it ( due to a very rude local rancher), so it has never been very smooth. Now, put a lawn mower in the hands of a woman with a broken leg who is still trying to relearn how to walk on flat ground correctly, and you begin to get the picture of how my lawn mowing adventure went. Instead of looking ahead at where I needed to mow, I was looking down staring at my feet so I did not twist anything (it was tweaking all over the place any way). Instead of pretty mowing lines, I was weaving all over the place like a drunk with a mower. I did manage to finish, so I guess that is something to feel is an accomplishment. I also tried to weed a bit, and that was pretty much just as trying. We have a lot of little decorative berms, so everything is on a slant with all kinds of tweak-worthy obstacles. I can tell all ready, that summer maintenance while my husband is away at fires, is going to be a MAJOR challenge. Argh!!!

This morning I went on my usual walk, only on one section I met up with a friend of mine also out for a walk with her labrador buddy. I couldn't help it; I had to join her. So, I turned around and walked with her, ending up on a dirt road at the end of the street our house is on. The flat part I had already been on once (by myself), but I did it again with her, complete with all the little rocks, bumps, and whatever. Then we were at the bottom of the dirt road that heads up a little mountain (with an incredible view at the top). Decisions, decisions ... I decided to head up with my friend, at least a bit. Being on the dirt always involves carefully watching where my feet (particularily the one) are going with all the rocks and bumps and stuff. I got up quite a ways, which was a major streching exercise for my achilles, and looked back, realizing I had to get back down. I think that is almost harder with the slipping-on-gravel-and-rocks hazards. I have to say, I was a bit nervous. I really did not want to twist anything and mess up my PT. I did make it back down (very slowly) without any mishaps, so I guess I can be proud of my accomplishment. I'm not sure when I will attempt that again, though. My foot was pretty sore from the hike (and the mowing).

Now, as for my PT. Oh my gosh, we're really cooking now, and it's really hard. I think on Wednesday, I hit my limit. My therapist started with his wonderful massage and rotation, gently handling my foot. I love that part. Then it was out to the floor for the exercises. I started with the BAPS board, only he went to a larger ball on the bottom (a level 2 he said), which meant I had to rotate even more to get that edge down on the floor. That actually went pretty well. Then I did more of the jumping on the mini-tramp, first with both feet, then with single feet. Then it was back to the floor and the side to side jumping, only this time I had to do it with this inflated half-a-ball looking platform in the middle. So, it was jump from one foot to land on the ball, then continue on to the other side landing on one foot, then back toward the other side, landing on the ball in the middle and on to the other single foot. And back and forth I went, over and over, until I thought my heart would pound out of my chest. Sitting on your butt for so long does nothing for your cardiovascular fitness, and boy does that come back slowly with a broken foot. Ok, so he finally let me stop, at which point I had to stand stationary on that ball in a bit of a squat and catch a weighted medicine ball thrown at me in different places. Over and over that went. Then he wanted to watch me practice doing stairs, with no hands. So, up and down the stairs I went, over and over. Going up is a piece of cake; coming down is really hard. I can tell that will come much slower as my ROM returns. Ok, so if I wasn't tired yet, he decided to add a new exercise. I had to stand on this red contraption which I will attempt to explain. It is about 4 inches wide, rigid plastic in a half circle, with a small platform at each end for each of my feet which will end up about 3 feet apart. So, I put one foot on the front platform, and the other foot about 3 feet back on the back platform, with the half-circle of the gizmo in between which can rock back and forth. The idea was that I was supposed to balance on this thing, and then catch the medicine ball as my therapist threw it at me. OH MY GOSH, are you kidding??? I know I used to be a gymnast, but I looked like a total clutz. That was really hard. I sort of got it, and I mean sort of. Oh goody, something to look forward to for next week's sessions. As if that all wasn't enough, I had to end the session with 5 sets of 15 single-leg presses. Yep, I think that was my limit. The next day, I survived, but my body felt a bit over-loaded. So, I think I need to tell my therapist we need to throttle things back just a bit. I'm game, but I have to remember my body just can't handle as much as it used to. I think I need a vacation!

Anyway, I send Happy Mother's Day wishes out there to all you mothers, and best wishes for all of you out in BL land in your continued recoveries. Keep plugging along, Annie...

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 Sat 4:01pm 7 May 2005
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